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    The mission of the Arizona Credit Union Collectors Council is to develop, educate, promote and provide a professional support system for all Credit Union Collectors.

  • Events

    ACUCC offers the opportunity, through expert speakers, to remain current and trained in the constantly changing arena of consumer law. Other topics have included debt counseling, negotiation techniques, skip tracing, and time management and communication skills.

  • Networking

    Networking, more than just a trendy phrase, utilizes the skills and resources of peers to provide solutions to problems. A.C.U.C.C. provides the opportunity and encourages communication among collection professionals.

About the ACUCC

Over the past twenty years the role of Credit Union Collector has drastically changed. The professional collector is a key player in protecting Credit Union Services. Today’s professional collector needs sophisticated skills including current legal knowledge, financial expertise, excellent negotiation abilities and a vast array of resources. The ACUCC is an organization dedicated to education and growth of today’s Credit Union Collector. Read More About Us

Membership with the ACUCC

Business is solidly built by developing relationships with clients and by understanding their needs and concerns. These relationships are established and knowledge is obtained through networking. The ACUCC produces a statewide directory of Credit Union Members, which also includes full-page advertisements for Associate Members. Invitation to meetings and seminars are extended to Associate Members providing the opportunity to meet with collection professionals. Read More.